💸🛒 5 Healthy Grocery Hacks that Save $$ 👍🏽

Today we have 5 healthy hacks that have to do with one of your weekly chores.


They will save you time, money, and can even help you reach your goals!


It’s all about GROCERY SHOPPING.


OK … so we’re going to skip the obvious tips, like:

  • making a list,
  • shopping the perimeter of the store, and
  • eating before you go grocery shopping so you don’t buy a bunch of extra stuff because you’re hungry.


Hack #1: take inventory of what you have on hand


This one has to do with something you can do before you hit the store – or even finalize your list.


It’s to open up your cupboards and fridge and check to see what you have on-hand … and also toss anything in your fridge that’s questionable. You already know you’re not going to eat it, and it’s just taking up valuable space, so get rid of it now.


Knowing what you already have is a big part of knowing what you need. It helps you be more intentional in your choices at the store and in the long run, helps you avoid waste.


It also can help you plan your meals so you can actually USE what you already have!


Hack #2: use a smaller cart if at all possible.


Again, it’s all about that valuable space. This can help you avoid making impulse purchases because there’s less room in the cart.


Plus, this helps you keep track of what you’ve already bought. Do you see a colorful array of healthy foods, or is your cart packed with boxes and bags?


Hack #3: buy only what you really need, vs. what you aspire to need


Remember the food you tossed from your fridge? Did it include any veggies or other produce you didn’t get around to using before it went bad?


When you’re shopping for produce, you might actually think you’re going to use that giant container of kale … and you probably have great intentions for it … but will you REALLY use it?


This hack is to buy only what you really need, vs. what you aspire to need. So if you always have leftover produce, buy the smaller bag or buy fewer of whatever item it is.


Hack #4: be an informed buyer


This one is about being an informed buyer. Don’t look at the end caps of the aisles. Just cruise on by them. That’s where the most tempting sales items are located, like potato chips, snack foods, and processed foods.


You don’t need them! Plus, they probably aren’t in line with your fitness or wellness goals.


Also, continuing this hack, when you are shopping the aisles, keep in mind that you are being marketed to every minute you are in the store! The items they WANT you to buy are on the center shelves, at your eye-level.


You usually can find less expensive and often healthier options on the shelves above and below your eye-level.


And finally, Hack #5: Shop the bulk item section of the store


According to the Bulk is Green Council, bulk foods can cost up to 89 percent less than packaged foods. But even if the savings aren’t always that high, they’re significant enough to merit adding the bulk aisle to your routine.


In most cases, you’re not paying for a brand name or packaging, so items can be cheaper by the pound than similar items on store shelves–but not always! If this is your main concern, it pays to do your research and double check.


Another reason we appreciate the bulk bins is we can reduce our personal food waste.


Bonus Hack #6: Join a “warehouse club”


You’ll pay about $60 a year to join a warehouse club such as Costco or Sam’s Club. But you can recoup the annual fee with the savings you’ll get by buying warehouse clubs’ discounted bulk items, especially organic food.


For example:

  • organic chicken breasts are about $1 to $3 less per pound than at the other stores;
  • a 26-ounce jar of organic peanut butter costs about the same as 16-ounce jars at other stores;
  • and organic maple syrup costs about half as much per ounce.


We hope these hacks help streamline your grocery trip AND help you reach your goals!


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