3 Techniques to Overcome Your Excuses


We’re going to talk about something we ALL battle with sometimes.


It seems insignificant at first, but can actually have HUGE consequences.


So what is it?


It’s our EXCUSES for not following through with our fitness & health habits.


Well, we’ve got 3 techniques you can use to stop excuses from getting in your way…


OK … so, let us walk you through a common situation when excuses start to pop up.


Let’s say you had been planning on making a healthy dinner after work.


But as soon as you get into the car, you start to think about bagging those plans because:


  • You’re too tired,
  • The weather is too cold/hot/nice/cruddy,
  • You’re too hungry to wait that long,
  • You have too much to do,
  • You’re stressed,
  • You really just want to watch something on Netflix


And you’re tempted to give in and just drive home/ hit the drive-through (or make the takeout call).


We get it!


By the end of the day, sometimes you just want to keep things “easy.”


BUT … before you let any of those excuses take hold, we have 3 excuse-busting techniques for you to try:


No.1 – Take back your power!


This takes 10 seconds. Remember that YOU control your actions – not your fleeting thoughts or whims.


The choices you make and the actions you take TODAY play a direct role in your TOMORROWS … moving you closer or farther away from your goals.


This is a very empowering mindset shift for any area of your life.


Technique No. 2 – Ask yourself: what’s REALLY driving those excuses?


It’s probably not because you’re tired/cold/hot/bored/confused/busy …


… but because of “stinking thinking” (aka limiting beliefs).


Here are a few examples:


You might think that it’s only a matter of time till you’ll somehow fail (again) towards your goals … that you won’t really get the results you want … or that deep down, why are you even bothering to go through the motions with this “healthy” business, anyway?


TIP: As soon as you recognize these limiting beliefs, call them out!


Remember technique #1 – you are in control. Don’t let negative thoughts or beliefs get in the way of what you want!


Technique No. 3 – Get support! Having someone to hold you accountable and who supports your goals can make all the difference.


That way when you feel your excuses threatening to take over, you have someone to help keep you on track.


Find an accountability partner, tell your friends or family about your goals, or work with an experienced coach.


Accountability and support are just two of the ways we help our clients reach their goals.

For the last 5 years, we’ve been helping clients get in the best shape of their life and conquer stress with a proven plan with step-by-step actions that lead to lasting change.

Want to learn more? CLICK HERE.

Remember: you are stronger than your excuses!


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