Let’s Get to Know Each Other! The Importance of Social Connections to Aging Well



Today we want to talk about how important it REALLY is to feel connected to other people.


Research shows that feeling socially connected is essential to a healthy mind AND body.


Feeling part of a community can help you feel less anxious, less depressed, and definitely less lonely!


AND our physical bodies respond differently when we are part of a community. People with strong social connections tend to be healthier people and age better.


For example, they report lower blood pressure and fewer illnesses. That’s amazing, right?


One of our favorite things about social media is how much easier it makes it to CONNECT with like-minded people. However you feel about it, it can be a great tool to find and build a community with others who share your interests or goals.


One way to feel more connected is to be willing to share about yourself. So let’s get to know each other a little better! Grab a pen and piece of paper or open an app that you can take notes in. We’d also love it if you answer these questions in the comments below!


We want you to answer three questions about yourself.


First – What is something you’ve accomplished in the past that you’re really proud of?


Second — What is one characteristic or trait you really like about yourself?


And finally — How can these two things help you to achieve your healthy aging goals?


We’ll tell you a little about us…check out the video for our answers!


Now that we’ve shared some of ourselves with you, it’s your turn to share something about yourself with us!


We’d love to hear your answers! And even if you’re not up for sharing publicly (we hope you do so we can build those healthy connections!) you probably learned a little something about yourself just by taking the time to answer those questions.


If you want more ideas about how to age well and stay healthy through your lifespan, we’ve got an excellent resource for you!


It’s our brand new, Healthy Aging: How to Rock Your 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. It includes information and tips for making healthy choices during every decade of your life!




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