5 Surprising and Weird Ways You Can Cut Stress Starting Today


We have some fun tips for you today that can help you feel more relaxed and happy – and less stressed – with almost no effort at all!


We’ve been talking a lot about stress lately because that is what we focus on at ExecLevel Wellness and there is a HUGE stressor out there right now. Stress not only affects your mood, but also your health, your immune system AND your results in a BIG WAY! 


Too much stress can make you feel 


  • hungry, 
  • depressed, 
  • anxious, and 
  • it can even make it hard to lose weight – or lead to weight gain! 


It also plays a role in health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes, so it’s definitely worth doing what you can to cut down the level of stress in your life even during this difficult time.


We have 5 offbeat tips to share with you!


Tip #1: Add greenery to your environment


Add some plants to your house! Studies show they help improve your focus and concentration and help filter the air in your house … plus they can help you reduce stress!


Did you know that just walking into a room that’s filled with greenery can help instantly lower your heart rate and your blood pressure. Pretty amazing, right?


If you don’t have a green thumb and always forget to water your plants, no worries – you can still use cactus and succulents to get the same effect… and they are more forgiving than a lot of other plants.


Tip #2: Fake a smile


Fake a smile! We know this doesn’t seem very authentic, but smiling definitely can work to help change your mindset. 


As you know, science is always discovering more about our mind-body connection … and when you smile, it actually sends a message to your brain that makes changes in your mood, to match your facial expression. 


So if you frown, it can make you feel worse, and if you smile, you can actually feel better.  So, turn that frown upside down and smile! If it works, that’s great! 


And if it doesn’t, try one of these other tips…

Tip #3: Coloring 


This was a fad a few years ago but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try it for yourself!


It’s COLORING. Yes, like when you were a kid.


It actually helps relax your brain by refocusing your attention, so that you shift your focus outside yourself.


And plus, there’s really no way to “fail” at coloring, so you don’t have any stakes in the game – even if you mess it up, who cares? 


Scientists say coloring is more relaxing for adults who enjoyed it when they were kids.


There are lots of coloring books aimed at adults, with more complicated designs. Grab some markers, and see if it helps you feel more calm and relaxed!


Tip #4: Play with your pets


This is one of our favorites, and this actually isn’t a very surprising tip but we had to throw it in anyway. 


Playing with and petting your dog or cat helps you to relax. Basically, let go of your to-do list and spend some quality time with your pet, enjoying their company and having fun. 


They’ll appreciate your undivided attention …and so will you! 


Go outside and throw a ball around with your dog, get out the laser toy for your cat, play tug of war, or just hang out! You’ll feel the stress begin to melt away.


Tip #5: Blow up a balloon


This one works two different ways… and is a little weird.




First … it will make you smile! Not only by looking at it, but the way facial muscles move when you blow up the balloon can mimic a smile.


But the very action of blowing up the balloon will make you breathe in and out with big breaths, which works with your body’s autonomic nervous system to help you feel less anxious and more relaxed.


So … maybe keep a balloon in a drawer in your desk and pull it out the next time you need a stress break. Maybe? Maybe not?


OK, so those are a few of our weird tips.


How do those sound to you? 


Personally, we think if you follow some of the tried-and-true stress-busters like breathing exercises, working out, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy foods, these offbeat tips could be a fun way to mix it up if you’re having a bad day.


If you need any help with those tried-and-true stress relievers, we are always here for you! 


We hope these help! 

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