Beat cravings with 2 simple tricks



Today we’re going to tell you about 2 simple tricks that can help you battle cravings.


Here’s what we mean when we talk about cravings – it’s when you’re not really HUNGRY, but you’re still in the mood to eat something. And usually, it’s a specific type of food.


For example, most of us don’t crave broccoli … but we do crave cookies or chips.


We’ve got some tips to help you deal with those cravings when they strike!


This matters, because if you want to conquer stress and get in the best shape of your life so you can perform at your highest levels — what you eat plays a critical role!


Last week we suggested keeping a food journal so you could track your cravings. If you did that, great! You already have some good intel on your patterns.


Many of our clients tell us they get discouraged if they have cravings – like it’s a sign of weakness or something.


It’s NOT a weakness at all! Cravings are completely normal.


Our bodies can crave some foods because they are “hyper-palatable” – basically, they hit all the buttons when it comes to making our taste buds happy.


Or we can crave certain foods because of associations we have with them – like if you grew up in a home that had pizza night every Friday, you might associate pizza with fun, comfort, and family.


But the downside is, the foods we crave are usually packed with calories and have very little nutritional payoff.


It’s how you HANDLE your cravings that make all the difference.


And when you learn how to handle the cravings, they can actually start to feel a lot less intense!


That’s good news, right?


That’s where our 2 TIPS come in!


They’re all about BEING PREPARED before the cravings hit.


Tip 1 – Find yourself a solid diversion.


That means knowing ahead of time what you’ll do if you feel a craving kick in.


Feel a mid-afternoon cookie craving coming on? Go for a walk!


Craving chips while you’re watching TV at night? Get out the foam roller or lacrosse ball and do some SMR (self-myofascial release) instead.


The idea is to find SOMETHING that is going to engage your hands and your brain to help short-circuit the craving.


Tip 2 – Keep healthier options on hand!


This one seems like a basic no-brainer – but it’s important – and it’s basic because, let’s face it … it WORKS!


Make sure you have healthy snacks in your home.


Here are a couple ideas.


Keep some grapes or cherries in the fridge, or maybe some crunchy edamame or turkey jerky in the pantry.


And if you’re headed out on a road trip or going to the movies, bring a healthier snack like a whole foods bar so you’re not tempted by convenience store foods or the concession stand!


Having a plan for your snacks will keep you fueled and less apt to have strong cravings.


If you want more strategies on how to deal with cravings be sure to grab our brand new guide called “Crush Your Cravings”. It is packed with 9 science backed strategies for stopping cravings in their tracks and it’s totally FREE!


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