Boot Camp FAQ

Boot Camp FAQ

What is it?

We have designed the Boot Camp around the Beachbody Programs 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme. Both are complete Programs focusing on Fitness and Nutrition. Fitness involves 21 days of scheduled routines of 30 minutes in duration. There are 7-10 routines dependent on the Program, so each will be repeated 2 or 3 time over the 21 day period. The Nutrition plan spans the entire 30 days, and centers on portion control of nutritionally balanced meals — real whole, unprocessed food is the focus! The Programs require minimal cooking skills and comes with nutrition guide/recipe book with dozens of easy to prepare meals. They also include Shakeology®, which is used as a daily meal replacement or post-workout supplement.

What is the difference between 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme?

The standard 21 Day Fix Program is beginner-level, where the participant is just starting or returning to Fitness and Nutrition.

The 21 Day Fix Extreme is slightly more aggressive, with the intensity of the workouts ranging from intermediate – advanced, and a stricter nutritional program.

Why use Beachbody® products?

They are proven, cost effective and road-worthy. The 21 Day Fix/Extreme Programs, which are at the heart of our Boot Camp, have been used by thousands of individuals to achieve significant losses in weight and improvement in physical tone. The main reason behind this is that they address both Fitness and Nutrition simultaneously. Regarding cost, the Boot Camp costs approximately $5 per day, which is cheaper than many meals at fast food restaurants. Finally, the Programs are portable, available via on-line streaming. We have found this format the most convenient for busy professionals, whether working out at home, in a gym or on the road.

Is Shakeology that important?

Short answer, yes!  Think of Shakeology as your daily dose of dense nutrition and take it every day so the benefits can accumulate in your system.  And remember, there is a bottom of the bag guarantee so drink it every day for our 30 day Bootcamp and see what it can do for you.  It can help you:*
Lose weight
Reduce junk food cravings
Provide healthy energy
Support your digestion and regularity

What should I do to prepare for the Boot Camp?

Order your Beachbody on Demand & All Access Challenge Pack at least a week before the start date of the Boot Camp, and upon receipt make sure the shipment is complete. Review the Getting Started Right materials which are meant to familiarize you with the Programs. Also review the Nutrition Guide, from which you can make a shopping list. Make note when shopping that you should be replacing some items that you traditionally purchase – e.g., prepared foods, snacks, soda pop, etc. – in essence, if it is not on the list, do not buy it. We will provide you with some tools to make preparation easy (meal planners, etc) in the Boot Camp group.

Should I schedule “set” times for my activities?

Yes. The best way to get the maximum effect of the Boot Camp is to follow it to the letter. The easiest way to do this is to set aside devoted times for Fitness and Nutrition. Regarding Fitness, identify a 30 minute window that you will devote to performing each daily routine. Ideally, it is the same time each day – the morning works well. Importantly, do not let distractions or diversion creep into these set times. The same goes for Nutrition; however, it can be somewhat easier. Many people will prepare/refrigerate meals for an entire week on one day – say Sunday afternoon – and then eat them throughout the week. This saves time used in daily preparation. In all, you should note that these “set” times for Fitness and Nutrition add up to less than 10 hours a week – which is considerably less than the average American spends watching TV (

Will I need to change my diet?

The most likely answer is Yes. The Nutrition Plan contains very few (store-bought) prepared foods. Most recipes start with source foods – e.g., fresh vegetables, grains, meats etc. – however, the recipes themselves are quite easy to prepare. Make note too that the 21 Day Fix Program allows for occasional restaurant meals and “treats” (as in dessert and wine), whereas the 21 Day Fix Extreme does not. For both, however, we would encourage you to prepare to-go meals that you typically take at restaurants, or use the meal replacement shake when eating away from home.

Can I continue with my current “bad” habits?

No. The main reasons people fail at the Boot Camp are: 1) Not rigorously following the Program and/or 2) Not removing bad habits from their life-style. In the former case, individuals view the Program as something from which they occasionally pick and choose what they want to do – a kind of ala carte menu that they perform a fraction of over the course of the month. In the latter case, individuals are reluctant to replace an old bad habit with a new better one. This is especially true with Nutrition, where a person will incorrectly add the Nutritional Plan to their existing diet, rather than use it in place of their existing diet. For 30 days we are asking you to introduce new, good habits that can be carried forward as a healthy lifestyle.

What kind of equipment do I need?

Light dumbbells or workout bands are all you need. If you do not already have these, we suggest that you do the first week of workouts without weights (the Programs have a non-weight “modifier”) and then start by purchasing only what is needed based on your starting point – a single set of light dumbbells or a few workout bands. To gauge a starting weight, pick up something around the house of known weight – a gallon of water weighs eight pounds – and imagine working with it for 30 minutes.

How much space do I need?

Not much. The workout routines can be performed in a space about the size of a twin bed. Most hotel rooms have this much floor space available, and you should be able to easily find it in your house. Along these lines, we suggest that if at all possible you “stake out” your area and devote it exclusively Fitness. In doing so, it reminds you of how important Fitness is to your well-being, and saves time in having to clear an area.

What should I do if I am traveling?

Keep in mind that that you can stream the workouts on-line when traveling. There is even an iOS / Android app to stream workouts off-line if your wi-fi is spotty.  Make sure you pack an elastic workout band, even if you are accustom to performing the routines with hard weights. Also pack your Shakeology and a shaker cup; and since you will likely not be cooking, order meals that are similar in composition and size to those you are eating from the Nutrition Plan. In all, view your “road” Boot Camp as a mini version of your “home” program, and pack only what is needed – much as you do with everything else when you travel.

What is the expected outcome?

This is largely up to you. Before starting the Boot Camp, define a set of realistic goals and write them down. They should cover: 1) Body Shape/Composition/Weight, 2) Physical Conditioning, 3) Nutritional Behavior, 4) Stress Reduction and 5) Establishing Healthy Routines. They can be anything that you want, and form the basis of a set of questions you can ask yourself at the end of Boot Camp (and measure objectively). Examples might be: 1) Do I look better (as measured using a measuring tape and/or how your old clothes fit), 2) Am I in better physical condition (as measured by e.g., resting heart rate), 3) Do I eat better (as measured by the way you shop/how you stock your pantry), 4) Do I feel better / less stressed / sleeping better and, 5) Am I more disciplined in my wellness practices (as measured by the frequency you worked out and/or you’re not letting distractions disrupt your routine). It is important to note that the 30 days of the Boot Camp represent the half-way point of developing long-term habits that benefit your wellness ( Use these questions not to just identify reward in success, but also areas in need of further work.

What do I do when it is over?

Do it again, or move onto one of our Advanced Programs!  We are here to help you build a healthy lifestyle!

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