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Our Next Boot Camp Starts January 15, 2018.

The ExecLevel Wellness Formula:


Invest in your wellness and get back to your A Game

Are You Currently on Your “A” Game?

Do you wake up excited about your day and the demands of being an executive? Do you tackle obstacles with energy and passion? Do you enjoy working with your team? Do you find quality time with your family & friends easily and enjoyable?

Don’t You, Your Family & Your Team Deserve Your Best?

The way you FEEL, both physically and mentally, greatly impacts your leadership abilities, the quality of your free time and your overall well-being. You handle stressful situations better, are able to perform longer and at a higher level, show more patience with your colleagues, friends and family, and will inspire your team by setting a confident example.

Don’t Have the Time?

Some executives believe that they “Don’t have the time” needed to balance their career and wellness. This is generally untrue; combining as little as 10-minutes of daily physical activity with proper nutrition can have a dramatic effect on both your physical fitness and mental outlook. So the question really is, “Can you risk NOT taking the time for yourself and your wellness”? The longer you go without paying attention to your health, the more likely burnout and ineffectiveness will occur.

ELW Boot Camp is Our Signature Program to Launch a Healthy Lifestyle.

It is a 30-day beginner – to – advanced level Program having both Fitness and Nutrition components.  It is performed as a virtual group, with defined start and stop dates. ELW Boot Camp has the following goals:

1) Beginning to physically impact your fitness and nutrition,

2) Emphasizing the importance of these pillars with regards to aging and leadership,

3) Initiating positive patterns into your daily routine, and

4) Conditioning prior to entering Advanced Programs.

5)  Keeping you on (or getting you back to) your A Game!

ELW Boot Camp is a Complete Program that Includes Everything you need to be Successful!

Fitness:  Fast, Effective, Portable & On Demand

All fitness routines are 10 – to – 60 minutes in duration and can be performed at home or while traveling (with minimum weight or resistance band) or in a gym if you prefer.  During Boot Camp you can choose routines that cover cardio, core strengthening, dance, weight training, martial arts, yoga or just general conditioning. Each routine is performed on your schedule – one each day for three weeks – and can be modified for all fitness levels (beginner to advanced).  For a busy executive, one of the greatest benefits of Boot Camp is that it can be completed in your own home with minimal equipment. You won’t be wasting any time commuting to a gym then waiting around for weights and machines.

Nutrition:  A Simple, Clean Eating Plan Supplemented with a Superfood Shake.

Your fitness program will include a nutrition guide that has been prepared by a team of nutritionists and dietitians. The nutrition plan focuses on balance, composition and portion control. During Boot Camp you will learn the basics of nutritional balance and adjust your total food intake in proportion to your goals. Your Boot Camp Package also includes a 30-day supply of a super food meal replacement shake made from clean whole foods sourced from fertile soils located around the world.  There are no artificial ingredients whatsoever. We want to make sure you are fueling your body properly – especially during the first 30 days of Boot Camp when your body will need it the most.

Support & Accountability:  1 on 1 & Team Support in a Fun, Energized Environment.

You’ll receive 1 on 1 support from us and the support of a virtual group of people just like you!  This multi-level system will help keep you accountable and motivated during Boot Camp and beyond to help you create a healthy lifestyle you can maintain.

Success:  On Your Terms

Our system of FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT has been proven over and over again.  By joining the ELW Boot Camp, you will have access to all three elements on a daily basis. No matter if you would like to lose weight, increase lean muscle or improve sports performance, this proven formula will give you the tools to get you back on your A Game!


Boot Camps will be offered monthly and can be repeated if desired.


Boot Camp packages start at $160 and include a 1-month supply of Shakeology (a daily nutrient-dense shake) and a 12-month All Access subscription to Beachbody Fitness Programs (unlimited streaming of all Beachbody Programs). Both come with a 30 day money back guarantee


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