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From Stressed to Best Boot Camp Starts

February 26, 2019

Deadline to Join: February 24th!

The ExecLevel Wellness Formula:



Executives, entrepreneurs and high level professionals…

Your ambition, your drive, and your tenacity have put you at the top of your profession.

But, being the high-performer that you are and maintaining a sustainable, healthy lifestyle at the same time is not easy!

You work 70 hour weeks. Your sleep patterns are sporadic, at best. Between travel and work, you have very little time for your family or the things you love to do. You’re tapped out. We know. We’ve been there.

Ready to have more energy, maximize your focus and productivity, and become unstoppable?

When you join our From Stressed to Best Boot Camp community, you’ll get real world strategies from our posts, be supported in your health and fitness journey, and find simple solutions that work for even the busiest of schedules.

No quick fixes. No shreds. Real solutions.

Join us and start creating the life that you deserve.

What is From Stressed to Best Boot Camp?

It is a 30-day beginner – to – advanced level Program having both Fitness and Nutrition components.  It is performed as a virtual group, with defined start and stop dates. ELW Boot Camp has the following goals:

1) Help you start to de-stress immediately with simple fitness and nutrition,

2) Help even the busiest professional incorporate fitness & nutrition into your daily routine,

3) Fast {{NO GIMMICK}} results to motivate you to continue building a healthy lifestyle well after Boot Camp is complete.

From Stressed to Best Boot Camp is a Complete Program that Includes Everything you need to be Successful!


Fast, Effective, Portable & On Demand

We won’t waste your time!  You’ll know exactly what workout to do, when to do it and what equipment you need.  You can stream your workouts On Demand so you can literally do them anytime / anywhere.

Once you FEEL the amazing mental and physical benefits of a great workout you’ll be hooked!  And unstoppable!

All fitness routines are 30 minutes in duration and can be performed at home or while traveling (with minimum weight or resistance bands) or in a gym if you prefer.  Each workout is performed on your schedule – one each day for three weeks – and can be modified for all fitness levels (beginner to advanced).  For a busy professional, one of the greatest benefits of Boot Camp is that it can be completed in your own home with minimal equipment. You won’t be wasting any time commuting to a gym then waiting around for weights and machines.



A Simple, Clean Eating Plan Supplemented with a

Superfood Shake.

Eating out of the office vending machine not working so well for you?!  Nutrition contributes significantly to stress and overwhelm!  We’ll help you reign it in with an easy to follow nutrition plan that is based on a wide variety of whole, unprocessed foods.

Our Boot Camp includes a nutrition plan that has been prepared by a team of nutritionists and dietitians. It is an easy-to-follow portion-control system that keeps your nutrition on track without ever making you feel deprived. In fact, with optimal nutrition you will thrive! During Boot Camp you will learn the basics of nutritional balance and adjust your total food intake in proportion to your goals.

Your Boot Camp Package also includes a 30-day supply of a superfood nutritionally dense shake made from clean whole foods sourced from fertile soils located around the world.  There are no artificial ingredients whatsoever. You will be fueling your body properly to de-stress and be your best!


Meet your Coaches!

Hi!  We are Amy & Randy Nelson, Founders of ELW. As the team behind ELW, we field a lot of questions.

Some of them are serious.

Others are funny.

But most are…

“How old are you?”

We are two former executives over 45 who learned (the hard way) how to stay professionally competitive while achieving our best body, mind and relationship yet.

None of it was easy…

In overcoming our own physical challenges, we discovered proven strategies to boost productivity, increase energy and rediscover our purpose.

Now, we want to teach you the methods so you can do the same.

Sometimes knowing what to do and doing it are two completely different things.  That’s where we come in for accountability and support.

You’ll receive support from us as your Coaches and a group of people just like you.  This multi-level system will help keep you accountable and motivated during Boot Camp and beyond to help you create a healthy lifestyle you can maintain.


On Your Terms

Our system of FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT has been proven over and over again.  By joining the From Stressed to Best Boot Camp, you will have access to all three elements on a daily basis. No matter if you would like to lose weight, increase lean muscle, improve sports performance or just FEEL BETTER WITH LESS STRESS this proven formula will give you the tools to succeed!



30 Day Challenge Journal to track your progress during Bootcamp

BONUS #2 “Bootcamp Basics” webinar series.

This four part series, prepared by your coach Randy Nelson, PhD will reinforce the strategies and provide some of the science – or the “why” – of our Boot Camp.
{Webinar #1} Boot Camp Basics – Health
{Webinar #2} Boot Camp Basics – Stress
{Webinar #3} Boot Camp Basics – Fitness
{Webinar #4} Boot Camp Basics – Nutrition

BONUS #3:Type A Executive’s Guide to Healthy Eating on the Go


Boot Camps will be offered monthly and can be repeated if desired.


Questions?  Check out our Boot Camp FAQs here.


Not sure this will work?  Please check out what our clients are saying here!


From Stressed To Best Boot Camp includes:

 Personalized Support & Coaching from Randy & Amy Nelson, your personal Coaches who have been in your shoes!  We conquered stress & overwhelm with these same tools and want to pay it forward to you ($750 value).


Daily Video Lessons from your Coaches covering a range of topics including stress, nutrition, fitness, aging well and quality of life in addition to tips on how to get the most out of your workouts so you can holistically upgrade your health and life.
($750 value)


12-month All Access subscription to popular, proven fitness programs you can do from the comfort of your home, gym or on the road.

($2,500 value)
○ Hundreds of proven workouts
○ Step-by-step program guides, program meal plans, workout calendars, expert advice, and more


Portion Control Focused Nutrition Plan & Recipes ($50 value)


30 Days of Shakeology, a super food packed all natural shake to help the busiest professional get at least 1 healthy meal a day in! ($130 value)


Lifetime access to a Private Facebook group to track your progress, connect with others going through the same journey and get daily inspiration and motivation! ($500 value)


Continued support and access to the group for as long as you want it! (value – Priceless!)


All for only $160 USD.


Boot Camp comes with a 30 day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee!  There is no financial risk to you!


To make sure we provide the very best support we only have space for 15 people.  Join today to secure your spot.

Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program or nutrition plan, or using any supplement or meal replacement product, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any medical condition, or are taking any medication. The contents on our website are for informational purposes only, and are not intended to diagnose any medical condition, replace the advice of a healthcare professional, or provide any medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.