Customized Programs

custom sun tzuELW Customized Programs are 1-on-1 Programs individually tailored to the busy executive’s special needs such as a demanding travel schedule or other unique lifestyle requirements.  These are longer term (up to 12 month) Programs that have the following goals:.


1) Maintaining physical strength, endurance and flexibility under time and resource limitations.

2) Aiding in maintaining nutritional consistency under challenging circumstances.

3) Reinforcing leadership habits.

4) Aligning current routines with longer-term personal goals.

ELW Customized Programs include:


We will tailor a best-fit fitness plan for you that takes into consideration time/resource limitations and most critical areas of need. The plan will also adjust for times at home, when fitness (and nutrition) can be addressed more consistently. Programs will generally be comprised of five, 30-minute routines undertaken over a given week and are adjusted for effectiveness based on your weekly feedback.


On the road, consistency in nutrition is a combination of meal replacements and judicious choice in local dining (i.e, choosing the right meals at the right restaurants). Equally important is establishing good nutritional habits at home so as not to let the “road habits” work their way into your home lifestyle. We will work with you on both accounts by recommending appropriate restaurants/meals on the road and guidelines for home nutrition.


Our objective here is to find time in your schedule to practice and capitalize on leadership skills. Through interview, we will work with you to define your most critical areas of need and efficient means to address them.

Aging Well

This aspect drives towards the “Bigger Picture”, in the sense that wellness extends into the future and covers all aspects of your life. We will work with you in undertaking wellness routines today that assists in accomplishing future goals. We will work with you in defining these goals and suggest means/methods of achieving them.

Support & Accountability

In the Customized Programs you will receive 1 on 1 support through direct contact – via weekly teleconference and electronic communication.

Timing, Prerequisites and Cost

Customized Programs are initiated on an individual basis.  Packages start at $500 / month with a minimum 3 month commitment:

  • An initial comprehensive phone consultation that includes a Fitness / Nutrition / Leadership / Aging Well Evaluation to determine your current levels and future goals,
  • A 4-Week Customized Fitness Program designed with your travel schedule and time/equipment limitations in mind that you can do in your home or gym,*
  • Weekly 1 on 1 direct support via weekly teleconference or electronic communication,
  • Daily access to a ExecLevel Wellness accountability group on Facebook,
  • Exclusive On-Line Client Portal for document sharing and planning,
  • Unlimited email support, plus
  • Current Fitness, Nutrition, Leadership & Aging Well Articles and Tips
  • 12 month program includes software based daily lessons and habits to build a sustainable long-term healthy lifestyle (3 month minimum commitment).

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* Gym fees, fitness equipment and any in-home fitness program are not included and may require an additional cost.