Decide. Commit. Succeed. Top 50 Reasons We Recommend Team Beachbody Tools

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At ExecLevel Wellness we help our “type A” over 40 high level professional & entrepreneur clients conquer stress and take back control of their health using stress management programs, supplements and our personalized Coaching services. 


Some programs & supplements we design ourselves but some we take off the shelf and recommend. Why? Because we have personally used them and believe they are the best suited to meet the needs of our clients (because we WERE our clients!)


Why reinvent the wheel?


Some of the “off-the-shelf” tools we recommend are Team Beachbody workouts, supplements and nutrition plans. 




From a business standpoint, because Team Beachbody is a market leader of at-home workouts that combines fitness, meal planning, and peer support that recently surpassed 2 million subscribers doing their On Demand workouts. They have hundreds of thousands of success stories – from weight loss to weight /muscle gain and personal development / financial success.


From a personal standpoint, Amy’s Beachbody story looks like this: 


I started P90X back in 2009 just to see if I was up for the challenge. I was approaching my 40th birthday and I wanted to get rid of some of the goo that was accumulating around my middle from sitting at my desk 12-14 hours / day as VP of Finance at a highly stressful, highly demanding job.


Little did I know my whole world would change! My stress improved, I got a little more (and better sleep), I was less angry all the time, less inclined to de-stress with a bottle of wine and best of all my intense, chronic and severe scoliosis back pain went away!  No, not overnight – after about 6 months of consistently working out. Then I added in good nutrition and holy cow…things got even better.


So now I’m a lifer. I’ve been doing the workouts for 10 years (at least 20+ different programs), a Coach for 8 years and eating according to the nutrition plan for 5 years (nutrition is the hardest part for me so I was a slow adopter). 


I’m also a certified Master Coach in the 2B Mindset & Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition programs and I’m very, very passionate about helping others reach THEIR health and fitness goals.  


I wanted to share just some of the reasons we use Team Beachbody tools to help our clients in order to overcome any preconceived notions there may be about the company or the products.




  1. CONVENIENT – Great workouts that can be done anywhere and in less time than it would take me to commute to a gym, let alone fight for parking, machines, etc. etc. 
  2. PROVEN – Every program goes through extensive research, development and testing with real people.
  3. EFFICIENT – Many workouts in the 30 – 40 minute range…some are only 10!
  4. DESIGNED FOR AT HOME SUCCESS – Limited equipment needed; several programs don’t require any equipment.
  5. PORTABLE – I’ve done these programs literally everywhere – garage, living room, gym, hotel rooms and cruise ships to name a few. On-line and off-line.
  6. RESULTS – After 10 years of doing these workouts I remain at a healthy weight and limited scoliosis back pain; impressive when 15 years ago I was being prescribed narcotics for pain (thankfully I declined!)
  7. SAFETY – World-class trainers provide cues on form and (knocking wood) I’ve never been injured in the 10+ years I’ve been doing these programs.
  8. VARIETY – Over the past 10 years I’ve done a huge variety of programs (dance, yoga, Pilates, strength training, cardio, etc.) keeping it interesting and keeping my body from plateauing.
  9. BEACHBODY SUPER TRAINERS – they know their stuff and have big personalities to keep you entertained! 
  10. CHALLENGE – I love, love, love a challenge…tell me it’s the hardest program ever made and I’m going to do it!  And Beachbody lives up to the promise.
  11. FUN – The production is amazing – cast, set, music all make it fun and something I actually look forward to. A big difference from recent trainers who decided to put their workout up on Zoom 3 months ago.
  12. GYM OPTIONAL – I can go ALL OUT without people staring or waiting around on a machine. If you love the gym, you can take the workouts with you there. Your choice.
  13. NO GUESSING – No wandering around wondering what I should do…workout schedules tell me exactly what to do every day to get the best results.
  14. ECONOMICAL – I pay $8.25 / month for world class trainers & unlimited workouts (I workout 7 days a week) vs. $50 – $100 / HOUR for a personal trainer PLUS gym membership!
  15. BOD APP – I can track my workouts & results, connect with others and even download my workouts and do them off-line
  16. STRESS REDUCTION – A great workout is the ONE THING that can immediately improve my mood and reduce stress!
  17. PAIN MANAGEMENT – my severe scoliosis causes chronic pain….UNLESS I workout daily and keep my core strong – then I’m mostly pain free (after I get the kinks out in the AM!)




  1. DESIGNED BY NUTRITIONISTS & DIETICIANS – proven safe and effective
  2. SIMPLE – no counting calories, macros or anything else; no weighing, no calculations, etc. etc. etc. 
  3. SUSTAINABLE – I’ve been following this nutrition plan for 5+ years
  4. SANE – no food groups are demonized / eliminated; nothing is off limits.  I don’t have to turn my life upside down for a DIET!
  5. BALANCED – 40 / 30 / 30 Macronutrient plan which has been scientifically proven to be effective for weight loss and many other benefits (see references below).
  6. MEAL PLANS MADE EASY – tons of already done for you meal plans (if you like that, I personally do not); I just eat the foods I feel like eating when I feel like eating them.
  7. MEAL PREPPING MADE EASY – videos and tutorials to help make meal prepping easy, efficient and not torture for those of us who don’t enjoy cooking!
  8. NO DEPRIVATION – if I want a cookie, I eat a cookie, enjoy it and move on with life!
  9. REAL FOOD – no processed “diet” food…real, whole foods
  10. HUNDREDS OF SIMPLE RECIPES THAT TASTE AMAZING  – healthy food is DOES NOT have to be boring (i.e. I don’t eat dry chicken and broccoli every day, lol) 
  11. SHAKEOLOGY – Back when I started I really did not like vegetables, this yummy shake helped me get the nutrients I needed; now I still drink it daily because it helps fill gaps in my nutrition that are hard to fill with food alone. On top of 16–17 g of high-quality protein, Shakeology also contains digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all crucial to being healthy and feeling great.
  12. REGULAR MEALS & SNACKS – I eat 5 times a day which keeps my blood sugar balanced and energy where I want it!
  13.  COOKING SHOW – makes it easy for novice chefs to excel
  14.  COACH SUPPORT – I’m a certified Master Coach in both the 2B Mindset and the Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition programs which means I have tons of resources and knowledge to help Coach you to get the best results.  Please note, I’m NOT claiming to be a nutritionist or dietician, just saying I have additional resources & training above the “average” Coach to help you successfully implement the plans dietitians and nutritionists have developed!
  15. TRACKING TOOLS – science has proven food journaling helps you stay on track and get the best results; even now that I’m not in weight loss mode I still journal…otherwise I revert to eating like a 5 year old (all carbs / all day long, lol) 
  16. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY – eating real whole foods helps my scoliosis back pain (and a million other issues) related to inflammation!
  17. BETTER SLEEP – reducing processed foods and sugar helps me sleep better, which in turn makes EVERYTHING better.
  18. FLEXIBLE – The plan can be used while dining out at restaurants on travel or whatever life throws at me.
  19. WEIGHT LOSS – this balanced plan has helped hundreds of thousands of people lose weight safely, effectively and for the long term. It has kept me within shooting range of my goal weight for the past 5 years.
  20. REDUCES CRAVINGS – I am a sugar addict…eating this way + Shakeology helps get rid of the cravings.
  21. MAINTAIN MUSCLE MASS WHILE I AGE –  I just had a DEXA scan body composition test …even at 50 years old I’m able to lose fat while maintaining muscle! 
  22. FIGHT OSTEOPOROSIS – I was diagnosed with osteopenia at age 40 but I’ve been managing and even re-building bone mass over the past 10 years WITHOUT prescription drugs!





  1.  SHAKEOLOGYOn top of 16–17 g of high-quality protein, Shakeology also contains digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all crucial to being healthy and feeling great. Getting 100% of our nutrients from food is very difficult – Shakeology helps fill in the gaps.*
  2. PRE WORKOUT – I take Energize before I work out to help sharpen my focus, push harder, and last longer—because every ounce of extra energy means better results.*  
  3. POST WORKOUT – I take Recover after every workout to help combat exercise-induced muscle soreness, speed muscle recovery, support muscle growth, and restore strength.* AND…because it tastes like a treat!
  4. CRAVINGS BUSTER – To help with cravings, Bevvy is a tasty tea based supplement





  1. 3-DAY REFRESH – I do this every other month to kick any bad habits (SUGAR) I’ve let sneak back in. I’ve got it down to a science and can help you too! If you have a supply of Shakeology, this is the kit for you: 3-DAY REFRESH WITHOUT SHAKEOLOGY
  2. 21 DAY ULTIMATE RESET – this is the hardest program I’ve ever done but probably the most life changing.  It is how I learned to love eating veggies and truly understand how amazing an anti-inflammatory diet FEELS. 




  1. COMMUNITY – in person and virtually I have a great community to lean on and connect with to remain accountable to my goals and have fun achieving them!
  2. LIVE & VIRTUAL EVENTS – keep me motivated and inspired to help others and myself lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT – a pillar of the Beachbody Coaching opportunity is to build your best life so you can help others do the same, this has been life changing for me.
  4. CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY – Beachbody contributes to societal issues that I am proud to be affiliated with. They recently donated $1M to the NAACP.
  5. PRIVATELY HELD, MISSION – DRIVEN COMPANY – I appreciate that Beachbody is still privately held and mission driven; Beachbody executives are truly passionate about the mission of helping people live healthy & fulfilling lives. As much as an “outsider” can tell, the culture seems to be amazing.
  6. COACH NETWORK – I never in a million years thought I would be part of an “MLM” but love that there are 300K + people like me who want to change the world and make an impact!
  7. INSPIRATION TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE – By connecting with others on their wellness journey I am more motivated to “walk the walk” and achieve my own goals.




Of course you can have the best tools in the world but if you don’t have the support and accountability to USE them they are worthless! 


That’s where our Coaching comes in. 


If you’re over 40 and a high level professional or entrepreneur, you know you have unique challenges to overcome in order to achieve your health & wellness goals. We know how to help you because we WERE in your shoes. 


Our From Stressed to Best Bootcamp was designed with you in mind – we won’t waste your time and we’ll make it simple for you to get results. Note we didn’t say easy, but if you follow the program you will see results and we’ll support you every step of the way. We will give 110% when you do!


A new group is starting soon…join us! 


When you order the From Stressed to Best Boot Camp kit (aka the 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack), you’ll receive all of our Coaching and expertise FOR FREE.




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