Free 7 Day Rejuvenation

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If you are stressed, run-down or uninspired, try our Free 7 Day Rejuvenation Program.  We will share some of our top nutrition, fitness, aging well and leadership strategies that you can begin implementing immediately — all delivered to your in-box!


The 7 Day Rejuvenation is a series of seven daily emails meant to:

1) Introduce you to Exec Level Wellness and share strategies that helped us maintain our wellness while in stressful leadership roles;

2) Illustrate the values of good fitness and nutrition as part of your lifestyle and how they can be easily incorporated into your daily routine;

3) Stress the importance of eliminating distractions in your daily routine that contribute to (or are excuses for) an unhealthy lifestyle;


During the 7 Day Rejuvenation, we will cover the approaches we use for:



Proper nutrition is the key element for sustaining your body. We will discuss how nutrition influences all aspects of your well being, and emphasize the importance of introducing balance and portion control into your daily diet.


We will describe the benefits performing fitness Programs that are both physically and mentally engaging. Such physical/mental combinations are rewarding on multiple levels – e.g., increasing stamina, enhancing self-esteem, promoting alertness, etc.

Aging Well

Aging well centers on understanding how behavior early in life affects long-term goals. This phenomenon is particularly relevant as we enter into our middle-years, when we can ask ourselves how our habits are influencing the natural effects of aging. We will discuss the advantages of eliminating poor life-style practices before they contribute to detrimental effects of aging.


Leadership is a personal characteristic that is comprised of many traits, coupled with how an individual views his- or her-self. We will describe how leadership can be incrementally rejuvenated by having the discipline to undertake self-rewarding tasks.

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