Free 7 Day Trial 2

If you are uncertain if ExecLevel Wellness is for you, try it Free for 7 Days.

The 7 Day Trial is performed as a virtual group and has the following goals of:

1) Introducing you to ExecLevel Wellness.

2) Beginning to understand the values of good fitness and nutrition as part of your lifestyle.

3) Identifying unnecessary distractions in your daily routine that contribute to (or are excuses for) an unhealthy lifestyle.

4) Recommending proven fitness and nutrition Programs that can be performed over the longer-term.

The ELW 7 Day Trial provides a sample of how ExecLevel Wellness approaches:


During the 7 Day Trial we will recommend fitness routines to be performed each day over the course of the week. By all standards, the routines are easy, and none lasts more than 30-minutes. This method allows you to sample the larger scope of the fitness Programs available, as well as allows you to find a time in your daily schedule that is devoted to fitness. Note that in order to participate you will need to video-stream the routines (at the time of your choosing) via e.g., computer, tablet, smart TV, etc., which will require a simple on-line registration.


During the 7 Day Trial we will discuss the aspects of balanced nutrition, and portion control. The former aspect addresses the need to understand your diet in terms of nutrition (e.g., carbohydrates, protein, fats, etc.) instead of foods (e.g., hamburgers, pizza, pastas, etc.). The latter aspect, when coupled with balanced nutrition, goes towards calorie control. During the 7 Days we will recommend easy-to-prepare recipes that are balanced and can be adjusted using portion control to match your target caloric intake.


The 7 Day Trial is a virtual Program that you perform with us serving as your guide. In this regard, you are responsible and accountable for the success of your trial. During the trial period we will communicate via a devoted Facebook page populated by us and other participants. We encourage you to devote time each day to discuss aspects of the Program that you consider beneficial to your future lifestyle with both us and other participants using this format.


The 7 Day Trial will be offered approximately once a month.Boot Camp Enroll