Free Training: Find time to get in the best shape of your life using the Time Management Matrix


Perhaps THE BIGGEST obstacle our clients have is a lack of time. So we thought it would be helpful to provide you with one of our live Coaching sessions (this video is from our recent 5-Day Metabolic Jumpstart ) and GIVE you the tools we use in our programs that help our clients find the time they need to get in the best shape of their life.


We are going to focus on Time Management but it’s not going to be like anything you’ve heard before.  We aren’t going to suggest DO IT ALL…FASTER. No!  The hamster wheel mentality is killing us, our relationships and our productivity.


Instead, we are going to encourage you to set boundaries, engage your support team, focus on what brings you joy and establish anchor times in your day.


We’ve been programmed to think BUSY means we’re important, productive, successful humans.  In reality, the most successful people know that:

  • Busy = Fear
  • Busy = Out of Control
  • Busy = Weakness
  • Busy = Laziness


We’re so BUSY we stop doing what we’re passionate about. We stop paying attention to the most important people in our lives. We stop taking care of our body, mind and spirit! So if prior Time Management training has engrained this thinking of “do more, faster!”, please approach this training with an open mind to change.




Our goal for this training is to provide you with the tools you need to set boundaries and protect your time in order to find a routine that supports your well-being and helps you get in THE BEST shape of your life so you can conquer stress and overwhelm to perform at your highest levels…in ALL areas.


The worksheets provided walk you through how to implement.  The support of our Facebook group will keep you accountable when things get hard.


I have two kinds of problems, the urgent and the important. The urgent are not important, and the important are never urgent.



This quote was popularized by Dwight Eisenhower in 1954. Since then, it has become the basis of one of the most widely recognized approaches to time management the Time Management Matrix(TMM).

The concept is that activities are evaluated based on their urgency and importance. Overall, the process results in four quadrants, which allows you to take stock of events and activities occurring through your day, week, month etc.

Most of the activities in Q2 & Q4 are completely inside our control.


Overall, the most valuable/rewarding quadrant is Q2, where the activities result in a sense of accomplishment or improvement. Because of this sense of satisfaction/reward, activities in this quadrant can be stressrelieving.


The least valuable quadrant is Q4, where the activities are simply a waste of time. On the surface, the activities in this quadrant might appear stressneutral, but in fact many contribute to stress when it is realized that the time spent on the activities would have best been used on more important things.

Inside Q1 & Q3 we react to activities that contain elements outside our control.


Q1 is fairly selfexplanatory, and at its extreme would include life & death situations that are occurring right now. Although this quadrant is associated with acute stress, in truth, very few events in a given day fall into this category.


Q3 is the most deceptive and dangerous quadrant. The problem lies in the ability to differentiate truly important activities with those that are not. Essentially, we often treat trivial events as if they have urgent importance.

Prolonged, we can begin to view everything in a “Crisis Mode”, which becomes a form of episodic acute stress. In all, the TMM requires that we be honest with ourselves when evaluating the urgency and importance of activities, and understand that stress can be reduced by identifying/eliminating lowpriority events and applying the freed time to more productive and rewarding activities.

Letting go of the busy-ness and focusing on your highest priorities will take focus and dedication – are you ready?

Time Management Training Goals:

  1. Help you to categorize your current daily activities using the Time Management Matrix.
  2. Repurpose time spent in Q3 and Q4 to more important activities.
  3. Delegate, eliminate or automate tasks that do not require your time or talents.
  4. Establish “anchor times” in your day with strong morning and evening routines (they don’t have to be long or elaborate, just things that help you start and end the day feeling productive).

Time Management Training Actions & Tools (just click the links to be taken to the tools & resources!):

  1. Complete the Planning & Time Use Worksheet – assign Time Management Matrix quadrants to each line item.
  2. Complete the Social Support Form and implement ways your support team can help, encourage and support you in finding time to implement healthy routines. DELEGATE activities that do not require your time or talent!
  3. Review your calendar and block time to complete your Boot Camp activities.
  4. Establish strong morning and evening routines to support your health & wellness goals. CLICK HERE to download, print and complete our Good Morning, Good Night Routine Building Guide!
  5. Celebrate ALL your wins…big and small!



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