Here’s the upgrade you really need!


Have you ever gone on a trip and found out you’ve been UPGRADED?


Maybe you got bumped to first class on a flight, or got a free upgrade on your rental car, or even your hotel room.


Everything feels like a treat … better seats, better ride, better sleep.


Well … that’s what your body feels like when you UPGRADE your food choices.


When you STOP feeding it ultra-processed food and START eating the right foods that are flooded with nutrition, your body feels like it got an upgrade!


It’s actually pretty easy!


First, before we dive into the food upgrades, think about the things that make your body FEEL BETTER – more rested, energized, vibrant, and healthy.


Things like

  • fresh air,
  • regular sleep,
  • staying hydrated, and
  • consistent workouts!


These are things that fall into the UPGRADE CATEGORY.


The idea is, whenever possible, choose those UPGRADES instead of activities that leave you feeling blah and tired.


Those are low-value activities …. and they’re things like:

  • staying up late,
  • drinking sugary soda,
  • sitting down all day, and
  • not getting any sunshine!


Consistently, upgrading those low-value activities will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in how you feel. And your body deserves that!


As for what you’re eating, it can play a MAJOR role in how you feel. Here are a few food upgrades to try:


>> 1.  Instead of reaching for salty chips or popcorn, choose NUTS instead. They contain healthy fats, fiber, and lots of micronutrients your body loves. A portion of nuts is about a handful.


>> 2.  Instead of candy or other sweets, eat 1 to 2 ounces of delicious DARK CHOCOLATE or a PIECE OF FRUIT.


Dark chocolate is made with cocoa. When eaten in moderation, cocoa can actually lower your blood pressure and even cut your risk of heart attack or stroke.


When your taste buds normalize, fruit will taste like a delicious sweet treat and is so much better for you!


>> 3. Instead of soda, try infused water or iced herbal tea. You’ll avoid sugar or artificial sweeteners AND get a dose of antioxidants!


These are just a few ideas of ways you can upgrade your choices to make them more supportive of your goals!




Go through your pantry and check out the food labels…could they be better? Use our 2 simple guidelines as a guide:

(1) Are there 5 or less ingredients?

(2) Can you pronounce (and do you recognize) the ingredients?


If the answer to both is YES…excellent! Keep it in your pantry.


It the answer to one or both is NO….toss it and find an upgrade.


When was the last time you upgraded one of YOUR food choices?! Let us know in the comments!


Speaking of upgrades, if you’re struggling to crush the cravings for the ultra-processed foods, it’s not your fault! It is designed to be addictive. Grab our free resource this month to Crush your Cravings with 9 science backed strategies. Just click the picture below and tell us where to send it!


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