How to Avoid the Biggest Motivation Killer


We are going to reveal the BIGGEST MOTIVATION KILLER we see people trying to reach a health and fitness goal do. On repeat. Over and over again. We’ll also share the NUMBER ONE thing you can do to avoid it.


And knowing this thing can prevent you from falling into an all-too-common trap that snares a lot of people.


So … as you probably would guess, we talk to a LOT of people working on their health and fitness… and…


A lot of them fall into the same trap – some people call it “shiny object syndrome.”


It’s what happens when they jump all over the place, jumping from one plan or program to the next … and then wonder why they aren’t reaching their goals.


Well, the shortest, fastest route to your goals begins with just one thing.


It’s nothing fancy … it doesn’t require any special equipment … or secret insider knowledge.


You just need a PLAN …


But not just ANY copy & paste plan … we’re talking about the right plan for YOU … one that you can actually FOLLOW because it fits your needs and lifestyle …


And it works with where you’re at RIGHT NOW and takes you WHERE YOU WANT TO GO.


It’s like putting an address into the map app on your phone.


Usually, it comes up with several different routes to reach that address.


Some of the routes will be faster than others … others might have tolls … others will have more traffic … and some of them will be more scenic.


And there might even be a route that you hadn’t thought about before!


Which route you choose depends on what works best for YOU – because they all will get you there (bumpy roads, tolls, and all).


When it comes to your health and fitness, here are a few things that can make a difference for YOUR plan:

  • Your likes & dislikes
  • Your goals
  • Your schedule
  • Your motivation level
  • Your current routine
  • Your history and experience


At ExecLevel Wellness we specialize in helping our clients find the BEST ROUTE FOR THEM to help them reach their health and fitness goals …


Because what works for one person may not work for someone else.


Want to know how we do it? You can learn about our From Stressed to Best Boot Camp by clicking the link.


It’s like we always say:

Make a plan …

work the plan … and maybe most importantly

give the plan TIME to WORK for YOU.

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