Mobility: You Won’t Believe the Results of this Study


We want to get a little personal today and talk about happiness and self-esteem.


To us, these are VERY important parts of living a healthy lifestyle … and most people don’t talk about them enough.


Studies have revealed some interesting results …  showing that developing healthy habits can actually help you to get MORE of both of those things.


So … have you ever had one of those days when you felt GREAT? You feel upbeat and like you are up for almost everything that comes your way.


What if we told you there is a link between feeling that way and moving your body?


This is not just for people who have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety.


It’s probably the reason why anyone who is into fitness will tell you the number one benefit that keeps them coming back is how it makes them feel mentally.


Researchers uncovered this link by combing through the results of 23 different studies that included half a million people of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds.


It didn’t take a lot of exercise, either.


According to the studies, people who exercised only once a week, or for 10 minutes a day, were more cheerful and upbeat than people who didn’t exercise at all.


It didn’t even seem to matter what kind of exercise they did.


And as for the link to self-esteem, in a separate study, researchers found that people who exercised showed higher levels of self-esteem.


It’s important to note the difference here between self-confidence and self-esteem.


Self-confidence is how confident you feel about your skills or your ability.


But self-esteem goes even deeper, into how you feel about YOURSELF. Pretty important stuff!


So the next time you are thinking about skipping your workout … remember that it can take just 10 minutes to help give you a mood AND self-esteem boost!


If you are looking to make some of these changes permanently, creating REAL lifestyle change is what we’re all about. Join us for our mobility challenge starting Monday May 2, 2022.


💪Our goal during this challenge is to help you discover new ease of movement.


Mobility is a lot more than just having good flexibility and being able to hold deep stretches.


It’s actually about being able to move your muscles and joints through their full range of motion.


But your everyday life, old injuries, and the unique way your body is built can get in the way.


👉Every day, we’ll focus on a different body part … and then on the final day, you’ll put it all together into a total-body routine that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and balanced!


This challenge is not only good for your body but it’s also good for your mind because it helps reduce stress.





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