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Nutritional Awareness is best defined as “Knowing How Your Body Is Influenced By What You Eat”. We are all aware that food is the source of energy and other nutrients for our bodies. In this regard, we will eat throughout the day, recharging immediate energy stores and feeling its effects a short time afterwards. Because of this, and the fact that this pattern continues for your entire life, other long-term, cumulative effects of eating – both beneficial and detrimental – go largely unnoticed. For instance, the value of good nutrition is largely overlooked in modern times (except, ironically, as a contrast to poor nutrition). Poor nutrition, on the other hand, is usually so ingrained into a person’s routine that it is often not viewed as a source of an ailment (by the time the ailment becomes pronounced). In both cases, the consequences of balanced/imbalanced nutrition are only apparent with time. So in a way, Nutritional Awareness is a learning experience, with the individual being the gauge of their own nutritional choices.

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