Molecular Wellness Series: Physical Activity & Stress Oxidative Stress

Drill deeper into the fundamentals of aging well and stress and discover the relationships with underlying biochemistries. In this series Randy Nelson, PhD will overview potential negative outcomes of chronic stress and explore solutions based on a wealth of scientific literature.


Topics are continually expanding, and include:

  • Stress,
  • Allostasis,
  • Allostatic Load;
  • Protein Health;
  • Outdoors/Green Space;
  • Heat Therapy;
  • Physical Activity/Oxidative Stress;
  • Nutrition and
  • Nutritional Supplements.

April’s focus is on Physical Activity & Stress Oxidative Stress. Learn the linkage between perceived stress and oxidative stress / disease and how exercise is your body’s natural defense against both.

The Good News…It’s Never Too Late To Start Exercising! For those of you motivated by science, facts and figures…enjoy this presentation!



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