Planning for Success: A Plan Changes Everything!



You may have noticed we’ve been talking a lot about being prepared for success this month.


We want to talk a little about MINDSET today because it plays a HUGE role in our wellness/fitness.


And getting into your groove mindset-wise can actually be a FUN process.


And as a coach, we can tell you it ALL starts with your mindset … specifically, the reason(s) WHY your HEALTH/FITNESS/WELLNESS matters to you.


Your WHY should be something that gets you excited about the changes you are making in your routine … and in your life!


When you open yourself to all of the WHYs that matter to you, it can be a really interesting process.


Maybe you want conquer the daily stress and overwhelm that comes with being a high level professional so you can perform better.


Maybe you want the energy to do the things you want to do – like go on adventure vacations, chase your grandkids around the yard or other things.


Maybe you want to hike the Grand Canyon rim to rim.


Those WHYs can be a lot more fun to think about … and prepare for … than changing your habits because you think you “should.”


When you have your “WHYs” nailed, they can keep you on track on those days when you are feeling tired, stressed, or like quitting.


Because those days WILL happen.


They happen to everyone, even US. But your mindset … your WHY … will power you through.


We know ours does!


Another thing that can power you through is having a PLAN to make those WHYs a reality. When you pinpoint something meaningful to work toward, you can create a plan that fits your lifestyle and that has some FUN built into it!


AND … when you put a strong WHY together with an EFFECTIVE plan, magic happens!


The best plan will be targeted toward your specific needs, activity level, and your WHY …. a plan that gets you REAL RESULTS.


And you DESERVE to get real results.


This is exactly why we create personalized plans for our clients… so they can achieve their goals with a proven plan … and don’t have to go through all of the trial and error on their own.


Our From Stressed to Best program can help you discover your whys … and bring them to life!


We’re opening up a few this month starting up in a few weeks. You can learn more by going to

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