Planning For Success: Your Pre-workout Routine



Today we are going to explain what we personally do before our workouts.


We get asked about this a lot … so we figured we’d do a video walking you through exactly what we do!


The good news is that it’s actually a lot less complicated than you might think!


Let’s start with the top question we get asked: “What do you eat before you work out?”


And the answer might surprise you…I don’t eat before working out. I wake up, have some herbal tea with my pre-workout supplement Energize then I drink my Stoixeion and I’m ready to go! Randy is the same but with different supplements (these two plus what he makes up).


Another super important part of my pre-workout routine (that too many people skip!) is my warmup.


I treat my warmup as part of my workout because it actually is – it helps my cardiovascular system, muscles, and joints get ready to work!


So that’s what we do specifically before each workout.


But there’s something else we are constantly working on outside of our workouts so that we can get even BETTER results from our sessions.


As luck would have it, it also improves the quality of our day-to-day life.




As one example, we do our best to get quality sleep to recover faster from our workouts – as well as everyday stress. Not only does it help us recover, but it also prepares us for the challenges of a new day, including the next workout.


PLUS, you’ve heard that old saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, it’s spot on.


I try to get most of my body’s fuel throughout the day (not just before my workout!) from healthy whole foods and less of it from inflammation-boosting processed food and added sugars.


It’s kind of like an upward spiral instead of a downward one…. because if you’re consistent…


Your workouts will help you sleep better … and also make it more likely that you’ll WANT to eat healthier foods, too.


We hope our pre-workout routines help you get even more out of yours.


If you are looking for a proven program that works for your current fitness level, your interests, your schedule, and your needs, … be sure to check out our From Stressed to Best Boot Camp … you can learn more by going to





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