Quick way to boost your mood


We have some really interesting and practical info today that might just help put you in a better mood the next time you’re having one of “those” days.


It has to do with some pretty cool studies that looked at the link between your posture and your mood! It has definitely made us double-down on checking our own posture during the day.


OK … let’s talk about how your posture can affect your mood.


This month we’re focusing a lot on core strength and how it plays a role in so many areas of your health and wellness. A stronger, balanced core helps you have a better, more upright posture.


Which affects everything from your digestion to your breathing and even how stressed you might feel!


Have you ever noticed how your posture affects how you feel? And vice versa? Like you are tired, so you start slouching down in your chair, and you feel even MORE tired.


Or, you are sitting upright and having an absolute KILLER day at work, and feeling at the top of your game?


So, the first study we want to talk about looked into how your posture while you’re sitting down can affect your mood.


Scientists at the University of Auckland took 74 volunteers and had them sit in either an upright or slouched posture. They also made up a story about why they had to remain in that position so they didn’t know what the study was about.


Then they had everyone do a bunch of activities, tests, and assessments – and here’s what they found…


—> The people who sat upright had higher measures of:

  • self-esteem,
  • general awareness,
  • they were in a better mood, and
  • less fear than the slouching test subjects.


—> Meanwhile, the people who sat with bad posture used more:

  • negative words,
  • more words related to sadness, and
  • they also spoke less in general.


Pretty amazing, right? This effect isn’t just limited to your posture while sitting!


Another study done in Auckland looked at how people’s walking posture played a role in their mood and stress levels.


First, researchers got a baseline level for everyone in the study for their:

  • mood,
  • fatigue level,
  • feelings of being in control,
  • as well as their blood pressure,
  • skin temperature and skin reactivity, and more.


Then, they had them walk in either a slouched or upright right posture and surprised them with an unexpected stressful situation.


Here’s what they found:


The people who walked upright felt:

  • more awake and powerful,
  • had fewer negative emotions, and
  • felt less fatigued than the slouching group.


PLUS … the people who walked with good posture had

  • lower blood pressure,
  • had less skin response, and
  • lower skin temp than those walking with a slouch.


We think this is so interesting because we associate standing tall with being more confident, and these studies watch these associations play out in real life!


This is just one reason why it’s so important to check your posture on a regular basis to make sure you’re not slouching – it’s good for your body, but it’s also good for your mind, mood, and performance!


How often do you check whether you’re sitting or standing with good posture? It’s a great habit to get into because it pays off in so many ways.


Are you going to join us in those posture checks?


Leave a comment if you are!


Also, we have a quick reminder for you about our FREE 5 Day Stronger to the Core Challenge coming up! It’s not too late to join us!






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