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Our programs are designed specifically for the Type A 40+ High Level Professional or Entrepreneur who wants to conquer stress & overwhelm and live their best life.


We highly recommend that you start here! Our boot camp is the fastest and easiest way to start your healthy lifestyle.  You’ll see results in your first 30 days which will motivate you to keep going.

From Stressed to Best Boot Camp is A Holistic Life Optimization Program For Busy Professionals Ready To Experience Their “Second Wind” After 40. Working harder and chasing “more, more, more” is not the answer. Instead, the next best chapter in your life starts when you become aware that you are unknowingly trapped in a pattern we call, the Loathing Cycle.



The From Stressed to Best: Better After 40 program takes what you learned in Boot Camp to the next level. Crack the Code on Being Energetic, Happy & Fit After 40 – without diets, ‘cardio shreds’ or pills.

This is strictly for committed professionals who want to look and feel their best after 40.

In 8 weeks, you’re going to build high-impact habits so you can be as happy & healthy as you always imagined at 40+.


CUSTOMIZED PROGRAMSPackages start at $500 / month – 3 month minimum commitment:

ELW Customized Programs are 1-on-1 Programs individually tailored to the traveling executive or other special requirements of your lifestyle. They are intermediate – to – advanced level Programs designed with your leadership and aging well goals in mind.

  • An initial comprehensive phone consultation that includes a Fitness / Nutrition / Leadership / Aging Well Evaluation to determine your current levels and future goals,
  • A 4-Week Customized Fitness Program designed with your travel schedule and time/equipment limitations in mind that you can do in your home or gym,*
  • An exclusive ExecLevel Wellness travel kit,
  • Optional Portion Control Nutrition plan (sold separately) $39.90 + shipping
  • Weekly 1 on 1 direct support via weekly teleconference or electronic communication,
  • Daily access to a ExecLevel Wellness accountability group on Facebook,
  • Exclusive On-Line Client Portal for document sharing and planning,
  • Unlimited email support, plus
  • Current Fitness, Nutrition, Leadership & Aging Well Articles and Tips



Fight Aging At The Molecular Level And Boost Mental & Physical Performance
Stoixeion 3.7 is a performance enhancement powerhouse – formulated to promote a youthful, peak-performing state known as Molecular Wellness.


ExecLevel Wellness will come to your office for a live, interactive and engaging session that includes:

Presentation Options (Live or via Webinar):

  • 12 Simple Steps to Manage your Stress

Activity Options:

Beginner or advanced workouts featuring programs used in The ExecLevel Wellness Boot Camp

Please contact ExecLevel Wellness directly for pricing on Workshops, Custom Programs and Team Based Challenges.  If you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss, please use the “Let’s Connect” button at the bottom of the page.



If you don’t see a program that fits your needs, please use the “Let’s Connect” button to schedule a free consultation.

* Gym fees, fitness equipment and any in-home fitness program are not included and may require an additional cost.