The Chef’s KISS formula! (Never fails!)



So today we want to share some cooking advice with you that transformed our approach to meal prep.


And the reason we want to share this with you is because sometimes, we overcomplicate things!


In this Instagram world, we can think we have to cross every “t” and dot every “i” and make sure everything is just-exactly-so.


Who has the time or energy for that?! Especially for something you have to do every single day!


Remember that old saying, KEEP IT SIMPLE, SILLY?


Well, that is the BEST advice we can give you about food prep.


It’s actually easy to eat healthier meals if you give yourself permission to simplify as much as possible.


Here’s our personal simple formula:


Lean protein + veggie + healthy fat + healthy carb


Then just add some low-cal, low-sodium seasoning or sauce, and voila!


It’s really that easy.


This approach totally changed our daily routine because we are no longer stuck asking that non-stop question … WHAT’S FOR DINNER?!


Because we already KNOW what’s for dinner, and we’re prepared for it. A protein, a veggie, a healthy fat, and a little starchy carb like some sweet potatoes, rice or quinoa on the side.


When we go grocery shopping, we have a list of items in each of these categories, so we always have options on hand. If you do the same, you’ll always be able to throw simple, fast, and healthy meals together.


Remember, just KEEP IT SIMPLE!


If you would like more guidance and practice doing this simple method of meal prepping and planning join us for our next Boot Camp! We dive deep into nutrition and give you tons of support so that you’re successful! You can even try it out for 30 days and if it’s not for you get your money back.



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