Up for joining us in a challenge?


Actually, this challenge isn’t just for today, it’s for the next couple of months, and it’s a challenge we plan to join you in completing.


Check that. We don’t want to just complete this challenge. We want to CRUSH IT!


There’s not a single downside to jumping in ….


Ready for your challenge? It’s all about FINISHING THE YEAR STRONG.


That’s right: your challenge is to FINISH 2020 STRONG and show it who’s boss!


Who is with us? We’d much rather finish this year standing tall than braced for the next terrible thing we think might happen.


Let’s be honest about 2020 – years from now people will look back on this year because we’ve been living through a pivotal moment in history.


It’s kind of like the old curse, “May you live in interesting times.”


It’s definitely been an interesting year. And a lot of us have felt like all the craziness that’s been going on has been controlling us, vs. us controlling it.


Because in many ways, it actually HAS been controlling us. Have you felt that way?


But that being said … it’s time to really take charge of the things you DO have control over.


We have two months left this year. That’s enough time to make some real changes – and create positive momentum to bring us through the holidays and into 2021!


So, we have a question for YOU.


Are you ready to set some goals, and come up with a plan to MAKE THEM HAPPEN?


What you choose to do for this challenge is up to you – the only criteria is that it should move you forward to something positive!


Maybe you want to (check out our Facebook Live discussion for ideas too!):

  • cut out processed foods …
  • start a new running routine …
  • pick up some weights and start strength training …
  • or create a reading habit.
  • Or a combination of things.


It’s up to you to make a list of 2-3 actions you can realistically take every day or every week to move you forward. Have confidence you can complete them – on a scale of 1 – 10, be at least an 8 in your confidence level – set yourself up for success!




  • I’m going to use my food journal every day,
  • Complete more rounds of #MBF and #MBFA and continue to build strength / go up in weights
  • and read 10 pages of a personal development book every day.



  • Be more programmatic / structured with my workout.
  • Be more selective in treats – complete a short detox.


Let’s get started on this TODAY!


What’s on YOUR list?  Does something come to mind already!?


Leave a comment below or send us a message – we want to see what you’re going to be working on! We’ll be checking in our Facebook group daily to support you.


And of course – if you are ready to step up your fitness and wellness routine, we’re here to help you! Be sure to check out:




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