What change can you make in 8 weeks?

What does your 8-week journey look like when you sign up for our Stressed to Best Better After 40 program?


That’s a trick question! 


Even though the program takes 8 weeks to complete, once you join the ExecLevel Wellness team and start your journey from Stressed to Best, you are a lifer! 


What does it mean to get LIFETIME ACCESS to the full Stressed to Best program and online community?


That means you can:


✅ Listen to the class recordings whenever you need them for as long as you need them


✅ Repeat the classes with us every time we run the program in the future


✅ Download key worksheets on different topics whenever you need a refresh


✅ Participate in the amazingly supportive, encouraging and motivating community whenever you need it for as long as you need it


Once you’re in, you’re in! We’re not going anywhere. 💖


That means that you can start with us now in September, but then repeat the program as many times as you need to and have this huge support system and stockpile of tools that will keep pushing you along until you reach your goals! 


Enjoy being able to tap into the ExecLevel Wellness community for any questions or challenges that come up for you in the future!


Registration is only open for a couple more days…


👉  https://discover.execlevelwellness.com/stressed-to-best


Don’t miss your chance to be part of this incredible community for LIFE! 🤗


What does it look to work with us inside the Stressed to Best Better After 40 Program?


Once you register for the program you’ll receive immediate access to our “Welcome to the Program” module inside our exclusive on-line program platform. We give you everything you need to be successful in the program right off the bat so you can get the best results possible.


  • First you’ll complete a short questionnaire to help us understand your unique situation;
  • Then you’ll schedule your Getting Started Right Coaching call to share YOUR goals for YOUR transformation.
  • We’ll share our best tips on how to get the most out of the program based on your goals on our GSR call.


Monday September 28th your first Module will be released and we’ll get to work!


Wednesday September 30th we’ll have our first live Q&A session so you can ask specific questions about how to apply the action items to your busy life.


We’ll repeat the above schedule for 8 weeks. This schedule helps keep you focused and on track for the best results possible.


We’ll wrap up the program right before the holiday stress hits! You’ll be primed and ready for the most amazing holiday season EVER.


AFTER our 8 week program concludes:

  • We’ll be hanging out with you on a daily basis in our private, members only Facebook group;
  • we’ll be hosting monthly live group Coaching calls going forward..for life!
  • Drop in whenever you need some motivation, inspiration, support or connection with other like-minded professionals.


So won’t you join us inside Stressed to Best Better After 40 and start your transformation today? We hope so! We look forward to working with you.





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