Your Daily Non-Negotiables – More Important than Ever!


We’ve got a question for you.


What are your non-negotiable healthy habits that you do every single day


Well right now …. it’s time to lean into them even harder. 




So … if there are any upsides to what’s been going on in our world the past couple months, it’s that we’re learning about exactly what we want in our lives … and also what we don’t!


We’ve learned firsthand how interconnected we are … not just on social media, but in real, face-to-face, life.


… and we’ve also learned about something great thinkers have been talking about for thousands of years.


It’s something called SELF-RELIANCE.


Basically, this means as much as possible, we should be as self-sufficient as possible, and follow our own path to build our best, most meaningful life.


Obviously, this self-sufficiency includes not putting anyone else at risk!


Being self-sufficient includes making your health a priority – and setting clear boundaries to make that happen.


We’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about our non-negotiable daily habits and how they help with our self-reliance …


AND we’ve realized how all of our tried-and-true habits have never let us down.


All of the items on our list have ONE thing in common.


They make us feel better – and actually help us to be more productive people both for ourselves, and for others.


When we do the things on our list, we feel stronger mentally and physically … and we have more energy to give!


So, with that in mind … here is a list of our non-negotiables.   


  •     Working out 6-7 days a week. We have a pretty firm schedule with this – it is just ingrained as part of our morning routine. The at home workouts we use and Coach our clients to use are just 30-40 minutes a day so it’s really easy just to go out to our garage and knock them out first thing.  We have to do this to focus and be productive with our day. Also to manage chronic scoliosis back pain (for Amy).


  •   Eating veggies with every meal. We definitely notice a change in how we look and feel when we don’t get our veggies in – which makes this one worth it! Amy’s not a huge veggie fan so she gets creative – her favorite trick is to put veggies she won’t eat by themselves into her daily Shakeology. Can’t even tell they’re in there!


  •     Planning our meals ahead of time. When we have good food ready to go, we eat good food … and guess what? It makes us feel good, too! If we don’t have good food ready to go it’s an order in pizza night…and that tastes great in the moment but does nothing to make us feel good.  


  •     Going to bed by 9 o’clock. Not getting 7-8 hours quality sleep impacts our mood, energy, and even hunger levels / sugar cravings making this daily non-negotiable easy to stick to.


  •     Drinking a gallon of water a day! Or as close to it as possible. 


  •      Dinner / evening routine – having a firm cut-off time from work so we don’t work 24/7.


  •     SupplementsStoixeion & Shakeology are a given of course! But we have a whole routine we go through daily to make we’re consistently supplementing our nutrition to maximize results.


We share some tips on how we’ve made these daily non-negotiables in our Facebook Live video shared above.


So … that’s our list! Each one of those things adds so much value to our lives, and keeps us feeling positive and moving forward. Even during this crazy time.


What are some things that add value to YOUR life, that are non-negotiables right now?


Are there any things in your life that you would like to make a non-negotiable if they aren’t right now?


Let us know in the comments!


We think these are important questions to ask ourselves so we can set our priorities moving forward. 


From Stressed to Best Bootcamp is starting soon – helping our clients build their own daily non-negotiables is the focus of this 28 day program.  If you would like to learn more  just click the link!



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