About Amy


Hi! My name is Amy Nelson and I’m a Wellness Coach & Co-Founder of ExecLevel Wellness.


I coach busy, Type A Gen X and Baby Boomer professionals who want a solution to the negative health impacts their high stress careers inflict on them. I give them the tools to bring more life into their work / life balance.


I help them reduce stress and overwhelm while simultaneously increasing confidence and joy by focusing on our four pillars of wellness: fitness, nutrition, leadership and aging well.


Sound like we might get along?  Excellent!  Read on….


I am passionate about helping you understand first hand how much better you can feel by eating REAL FOOD…without deprivation or demonizing any food groups.


I’m on a mission to share what I’ve learned in my personal struggle with severe scoliosis pain and extreme stress: movement is medicine.


I am driven to help you discover that self-care will vastly improve your quality of life and is as important to your career and your ability to lead others as continuing education, networking or other tasks you make time for.


I have 6 + years experience as a Coach utilizing the programs and supplements that we use in our programs and in motivating high performance individuals to make sane, sustainable lifestyle changes.


I am Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified.


Maybe more importantly, I have 20+ years experience in Corporate America as a CPA / MBA. I retired in 2011 as Vice President of Finance at Iridium where we:

  • Went into – and restructured after – bankruptcy;
  • Developed teams, systems, policies and procedures from start-up;
  • Went public via a SPAC transaction;
  • Raised $1.8 billion in financing for Iridium NEXT.


All in less than 12 years! To say it was a high stress environment is an understatement. However, during that time I learned so much about the impact fitness and nutrition had in managing my stress, improving my mental clarity and focus and bettering my relationships –with my husband, family, friends and team.


This experience has given me the expertise to help you achieve YOUR health and fitness goals so that you can feel and perform your absolute best.


On a personal note…


When I’m not busy Coaching clients or blogging I can usually be found hiking, reading, traveling or watching football…I am a wholehearted Arizona Cardinals and ASU Sun Devil fanatic.


I live in Phoenix with my husband and ExecLevel Wellness partner Randy and our two fur babies Mojo and Mama Bear. We are fortunate to split time at our cabin in the woods in northern Arizona during the sizzling summer months.


I volunteer on the Arizona State University W.P. Carey Alumni Council as well as serve on the ASU 2020 Campaign President’s advisory board. I support various animal rescue groups including the Arizona Humane Society and the Arizona Border Collie Rescue where we adopted our two fur-babies.


Want to know more about me?


Here are some additional quick facts about me…I:

  • Graduated in a high school class of 17 people (in Lovington, IL population 1,300!).
  • Went to Super Bowl 43 to cheer on my Cardinals…and was crushed by the outcome.
  • Have hiked the Grand Canyon several times (to Phantom Ranch & Havasupai Falls).
  • Traveled to Antarctica to trek to Mawson’s huts…unfortunately ice prevented our landfall.
  • Have a long-term goal of starting a senior dog sanctuary.
  • Competed in an NPC bikini competition in 2016 – I’m an extreme introvert and this was my most extreme personal growth exercise to date!
  • I have severe scoliosis (to other scoliosis warriors: 73T / 43L degree S curve).  I live a pain free, normal life and have avoided surgeries and pain meds through clean eating and exercising. This condition is a big reason why I am so passionate about wellness and helping others!  Not one of my doctors ever suggested exercise and nutrition could help me.


Curious how I can help you?


Interested in learning more about what we do at ExecLevel Wellness and how we can help you? Schedule a Success Strategy Session to discuss your goals! Click here and schedule a time convenient for you.


I look forward to working with you!



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