Free Training: Find time to get in the best shape of your life using the Time Management Matrix

  Perhaps THE BIGGEST obstacle our clients have is a lack of time. So we thought it would be helpful to provide you with one of our live Coaching sessions (this video is from our recent 5-Day Metabolic Jumpstart ) and GIVE you the tools we use in our programs that help our clients find the[…]

Masterclass: 5 Proven Goals Setting Strategies to Get In the Best Shape of Your Life

Wellness Wednesday MASTERCLASS! That’s right, we’re taking Wellness Wednesday to a whole new level with this 60 minute goal setting masterclass. Here’s a workbook to help you make the most of our time together: Did you know that the average person sets the same goal 10 separate times without success? (Talk about frustrating!)  […]

Motivation & Willpower Don’t Work For Long Lasting Change…Here’s What Does

    Does this sound familiar?    I just need to get motivated, THEN I’ll workout!    I have great willpower until after dinner and then I eat all of the chocolate (or insert your favorite treat).   Well, you’re not alone and there’s good reasons for saying this! Motivation and willpower simply don’t work[…]

How goals help conquer stress

We’re about to suggest something that might seem a little counterintuitive … but it’s actually pretty amazing advice (we’re not taking credit for it).   Our clients (over 40, “type A” high level professionals and entrepreneurs) are under a lot of stress – whether it’s everyday stress because of their high pressure careers, big deadlines,[…]

Sometimes you have to say no; here’s how to soften the blow

Is there another word quite as charged as the double-lettered, single-syllabled powerhouse of rejection? We dread having to say it almost as much as we hate being on the receiving end, if not more. We’ll overbook our schedules, acquiesce to inconsiderate requests or make up outlandish lies just so we can spare ourselves the discomfort.[…]