Got Time?

Feel like you’re burning the candle at both ends with no time for fitness or good nutrition?  We can help with that! Pressed for time and don’t know where to start?  Let us handle it.  Quickly, efficiently and painlessly.  We are your resource for all things fitness & nutrition related.  And we’ll customize every recommendation[…]

Fitness Programs

Any fitness program worth undertaking is able to align your ability, devotion, goals and resources with proper training, motivation, diversity and effectiveness. In short, a good fitness routine is as active and responsive towards you as you are towards it. Accordingly, there are many things to consider when choosing fitness programs. What is the Intent[…]

The “Fitness Paradox”

The “Fitness Paradox” is a vicious cycle. It starts with not having enough time to effectively research a fitness routine, which leads to low gains when working out and correspondingly longer workout times.  It ultimately returns back on itself, with trying to find an efficient routine. Obviously, the cycle is oversimplified, and does not include materials[…]


Over the years, we have found fitness one of the most critical components of well-being. At first, it was ad hoc – going to the gym semi-regularly, hiking when weather permitted, water skiing occasionally, etc. At the time (at age of mid-30’s) these random workouts were considered good enough, however they came with a few[…]