How Does This Work?

How does this work?

We know what it feels like to be busy executives. We spent years in demanding careers and we went through a lot of trial and error before finding a wellness system that worked with our busy lifestyles. Our mission is to make the process much more efficient and enjoyable for you!

What we have learned about how fitness and nutrition impacted our abilities to lead better and age well is what we are passionate about sharing with you.

We use a simple formula:


While it is simple, we would like to take a moment and share our philosophy and how each component works in our system.


We believe that fitness is a life-long, comprehensive mind and body effort. Fitness is so much more than going to the gym and figuring out what to do on your own. Winging it rarely works! We use researched and tested programs that are proven to get you results. No guessing, no time consuming trips to the gym or trying to coordinate schedules with a personal trainer. You know exactly what workout to do, when to do it, how to do it right and the best equipment to use. You work out at home or wherever you like – our programs are flexible and portable.


Nutrition should be enjoyable! We despise the word DIET.   We don’t believe deprivation is a long-term solution. Our goal is to help you find a healthy balance of quality foods you love that are easily worked into your busy lifestyle.  In addition, we have world-class supplements to aid you with your goals in this area.


Support is perhaps the most important part of the equation. You likely know what you’re “supposed” to do for your wellness. The problem is, you don’t have time to do it or you don’t have the support to help you maintain it. This is where we come in. We are your personal accountability partners. Your real-life, know what it takes Coaches to help you thrive in your stressful, demanding career and we are just an e-mail, phone call, video message, text or Facebook message away!

Not sure if working with an on-line Coach will be helpful for you? Check out some of the benefits here.

You’ll also have a team of like-minded people you can reach out to for additional support in our exclusive, private Android or iPhone App. The power of connecting with other busy executives cannot be understated. Sometimes friends, family and spouses cannot understand the pressure you are under, the demands on your time and the political mayhem that surrounds you every day. It’s likely, even, that they are tired of hearing about it! At Exec Level Wellness, you can reach out to a whole team of people who understand.


Success is entirely defined by you. Whether you want to lose weight, maintain, gain muscle, better manage stress, improve mental clarity, get off medication, reduce pain…the list is endless.   We will listen to your goals and put a plan in place to help you achieve them.


Check out our free guide: Discover 3 Common Beliefs That Destroy Your Competitive Edge After 40 or our 30-day Boot Camp to start your wellness journey today!