How do you REALLY feel about your body?


Today we have a special topic for you that SO many over 40 high level professionals struggle with – and it’s something incredibly important … and not always that easy to talk about.


It’s how YOU feel about your body … we mean REALLY feel about your body.


“Body Positivity” is a social hot topic nowadays …Body Image (BI) is a more grounded scientific term (your personal evaluation of yourself).


Your feelings about your body can get mixed up with how you feel about YOURSELF:

  • your strengths,
  • your talents,
  • your personality,
  • and your spirit.


And when you feel negative about your body, that can translate into feelings of general negativity and low self-esteem. We’ve probably all felt that at one point or another.


I share my personal struggle with Body Image issues in the video. Severe scoliosis comes with its own set of challenges in this area.


And the worst thing is, those feelings can affect whether or not you keep working towards your goals and how well you take care of yourself.


Here’s the irony: when you start taking care of yourself and working towards your goals, the negativity and low-self esteem will start to shift into CONFIDENCE and a more positive view about your body.


It helps you to SHOW UP for yourself. You’ll start to treat yourself the way you’d treat any other person you love and admire.

It just takes a few brave steps in a positive direction.


We love watching our clients transform in this area. Using short, at home 30-minute workouts totally gives them the confidence to meet their challenges and their goals…which in turn results in a positive attitude and LOVE for their body.


When you believe in yourself, you DO THE THINGS YOU SAY YOU’RE GOING TO DO.


  • You show up for yourself,
  • put in the work,
  • meet your challenges, and
  • get those WINS!


A recent research study CONFIRMED the positive impact 30 minutes of exercise has on body image:


The women who worked out improved their body image significantly, compared with those who did not exercise. The effect was almost immediate and lasted for a minimum of 20 minutes after exercise.


The affect and physical self-efficacy did not change significantly – instead, it was the self-perceptions of body fat and strength that improved considerably after the exercise.


In other words, the positive effect did not seem to depend on a change in mood; rather, it was due to the women seeing themselves as “stronger and thinner.”


There is also evidence that exercise improves BI, even though body weight and shape do not change. This same study correlates positive BI with higher quality of life along with many other factors such as perception of health & economic status.


Remember: “body positivity” may be a trendy buzzword, but taking great care of your body is always in style.


So this month, let’s focus on taking intentional steps toward our goals.


Is that a deal?


We’re here to help you find success and crush your goals!  Our 100% free resource focuses on helping you get started with a fitness routine – it even includes a FREE 7 day workout plan. Check it out here:




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