Mobility: Is this misconception getting in your way?



We’ve got some great info for you coming right up on a new free challenge we’re offering starting May 2nd that will help you feel looser, more limber, and maybe even target some of your trouble spots.


Pretty much all of us want to be able to move better – whether it’s:

  • being able to walk and move about our day without any back pain,
  • bending over to pick up something from the floor,
  • squatting with more power – or with no aches and pains, or
  • be able to turn our heads to look over our shoulders …


You get the picture! All of that has to do with your MOBILITY.


This month we’re going to be talking about exactly WHAT mobility is, WHY it’s so important, and HOW to get better at it!


But first we want to clear up a common misconception about mobility – which has to do with what it IS … and what it ISN’T!


So … the big misconception about mobility is that it is the same thing as being flexible.


Basically, it’s the belief that if you can bend over and place your palms on the floor, do a split, or do other amazing human tricks, your body has good mobility.


But here’s the thing. You can absolutely be able to do those things – but not have good mobility.


That’s because they involve only flexibility, which is PASSIVE.


But … MOBILITY is ACTIVE. It’s being able to move your joints and muscles through a full range of motion with control, power, and strength.


A lot of factors in our daily lives actually get in the way of our mobility.


A few biggies include:

  • sitting,
  • doing repetitive tasks,
  • being on your phone a lot,
  • and so much more.


Over time they can really add up and lead to tight, overactive muscles, muscle imbalances, and aches & pains.


That’s why we’ve put together a 6-Day mobility challenge for you, to help you boost your mobility from the ground up!


In just a few minutes a day, you’ll learn exercises that feel great AND help you create more mobility through your muscles and joints, from your feet up to your neck.


It will even guide you to build a personalized mini-routine of your favorite exercises that you can do before or after workouts – or after sitting all day at your desk.


And the best part is, it’s FREE to join!


The challenge kicks off on May 2nd. You can sign up by now by going to

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