This meal-planning hack will change your life


Today is a GOOD ONE because we’ve got a super-simple, time-saving hack that can change your whole life!


This is a quick tip that you can implement almost immediately.


We’ve all seen those amazing meal-prep pics on social media — with entire refrigerators full of carefully packed meal containers, all ready for the week …


And if that’s you, AMAZING! But if it’s not, that’s ok, too, because this simple tip is SO MUCH faster and easier.


We all know that meal planning is HUGE when it comes to reaching your goals. Having fresh, healthy meals ready & available will not only save you time…


but will ALSO make it a LOT easier to stay on track.


BUT… let’s face it! Sometimes the idea of prepping a few meals per day for a whole week can seem overwhelming! Especially if you have a REALLY busy weekend.


Well, we’ve got your secret right here. It’s called …LEFTOVERS! Or, we prefer the term “batching”.


Just start doubling or tripling how much food you cook, and start filling up that fridge and freezer.


Here’s just one example: roast a chicken in your slow cooker … enjoy it for dinner tonight … and then shred the leftover meat and add some hot sauce or salsa … and you’ve got easy lettuce taco fillings or salad toppings for meals to come.


Or next time you bake a healthy casserole, make TWO. It will only take a few extra minutes, but you’ll have a nourishing meal waiting in the freezer.


We give a real-life example of how we make this work in our household in the Facebook live video shared above.


We hope this hack helps you get started! We’ve got a lot of tips and strategies that are PROVEN to help you get in THE BEST shape of your life, conquer stress and outperform your competition!


Ready to make a change?

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