How to get unstuck when you’re stressed + 5 ways to know if the Stressed to Best Program is right for you



Have you ever felt so stressed and overwhelmed that it feels like everything is holding you back from reaching your goals? 


Whether it’s with fitness, at work, or maybe something with your family, or anything in your life?


Have you ever felt like you were stuck? Like your tires are spinning in the mud and you just can’t get any traction?


We’re going to suggest you do just ONE thing to get you moving!


Are you ready? 


First, and most importantly: just do something real, TODAY to get started. 


What do we mean by this? 


Let’s say you want to get your stress under control. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, but you haven’t gotten started yet.


Not to steal Nike’s catch phrase, but your next step is to DO something that will get you on your way. Something do-able.


Nothing has to be perfect and it definitely shouldn’t be complicated. You just have to DO something.


Don’t wait until “tomorrow.” 




Enrollment in our signature program From Stressed to Best Better After 40 Program is open for just one more day.  


In it we give you the step-by-step plan to get out of stress and overwhelm by making small, sustainable, “do-able” changes to your life.


But how do you know if the program is for you? Here are 5 characteristics of our most successful clients in the program:


(1) You are a Career-Oriented, Type A Professional. 


  • You are 40-60 years old, and have (year-in, year-out) accelerated through your career.
  • Presently occupying an upper-level role in your organization or you own your own business.


(2) You perceive that you have been under increasing stress over the past 12-months. 


  • You have always been under stress, but the past year has been particularly strenuous and you can’t quite identify the cause.


  • Potentially, you are in one of two circumstances: 
    • A) Have been promoted to an even higher-level position that taxes your resources, or 
    • B) Have plateaued and are complacent. 


(3) You have begun to Recognize that your performance has been suffering.


  • For the first time in your career, you feel that this past year has not been as good as the previous. This could be showing up in many ways:
    • Productivity
    • Sense of reward
    • Enthusiasm / passion for what you do


  • (Worst Case) You have been made aware of this by external metric – e.g.performance review, lower revenues, less professional stature.


(4) You Fear that your wellbeing will be irreparably damaged if you do not take action in the next 12-months. 


In particular, you understand that things you’ve worked years at achieving can be damaged in very short order without upkeep. Perhaps most disconcerting is the idea of harming:    


  • Your career. 
  • Your relationships.
  • Your health & quality of life.


(5) You are a Life-Long Learner / Problem Solver in search of an effective & efficient science-based Stress Management Program to implement before it is too late. 


  • You have always known that the more knowledgeable you are on a topic, the better you perform.


  • You pride yourself on efficiency, and problem-solve in an informed manner and with appropriate resources.  


What do you think? Does our program sound like a good fit for you? 


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